So, about that 685…

When my friend Charles first told me what improvements his new 685cc piston brought to the table, I was skeptical. It can’t beĀ that good can it? My KLR was burning oil and was due for a refresh so it was purchased and installed early this spring.

Well, I can now say without a doubt that this is the best thing I’ve ever done to my KLR! It pulls like a stallion in heat in any gear and wheelies like a demon. Also, considering it’s considerably lighter than the stock piston, it has the added benefit of reducing vibrations in the old thumper.

I’ve put several hundred kilometers on it so far over a mix of tarmac and trails. It’s equally impressive over both types of terrain.

If I bought a brand new from the dealer KLR today, I’d install the 685 tomorrow, without a doubt.

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